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    My experience at going to The Robinson School was a great experience which gave me the opportunity to further my education as a student as well as play the game of basketball at the college level. Playing under Coach Vince Robinson our practices were long, hard, and very physical but he pushed us to be the best of our capability and with each day of practice it made me a better player. With all the variety of workouts we did such as conditioning, ball handling, strengthening, agility you only get out what you put in. Being a player from The Robinson School it made me not only mentally tough but physical as well. I enjoyed being able to travel playing against other schools outside of the state because with every game we were given a chance to play in front of scouts, recruits, to prove to them why we deserve to play at the next level.

    Avery Holliday
    Bluefield State College Class of 2017

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The Robinson School's Hard Work! 
The Robinson School's Hard Work!