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    The Robinson School was hands down one of my best experiences. I came into the program late and every player and coach accepted me like I had been the for years. In my time at the Robinson School I learned hard work pays off. I watched as some of my teammates grew to elite levels on and off the court. Coach V pushed us to strive for excellence and always told us that's college is the ultimate goal. It will enable us to grow and prosper into all that we can be, if we embrace it. I am proudly in my 2nd year of college and I took with me all the knowledge and wisdom that this program instilled in us. If you are looking to grow as a young man the Robinson School is where you need to be.

    Chase Fluellen
    University of West Alabama class of 2017

TRS Finishes Ranked #2 in the country 
TRS Finishes Ranked #2 in the country